Think of it as an energetic detox. Like hitting a reset button. Smudging involves using smoke from plants, like Sage and Palo Santo, to cleanse, heal, or change the energy of a person, space or object. The practice has ancient roots and is used by people in every corner of the world to combat negative vibes, allow positive energy to flow in and restore a more peaceful state of being. 
PS: If you think smudging is just “woo-woo” with no science to back it up, think again! The smoke contains antimicrobial properties which can clean up to 94 percent of airborne bacteria in a space. It also releases negative ions, which research links to putting people in a positive mood.

meet the power couple: SAGE & PALO SANTO

Sage & Palo Santo are both natural ways to cleanse energy. They’re both mood boosters. They both have healing properties. They also each have distinctively unique benefits. Try using them together to get the best of what each has to offer. 
The Latin name translates to "heal" so, it's no surprise that White Sage has traditionally been used for healing. It's also one of the most powerful cleansing tools because it's able to combat heavy negative energies. It brings out wisdom, clarity and uplifts the spirit. (who doesn't need that) Because it clears all energy, it's awesome for deep cleanings and fresh starts. Use it anytime you're starting or ending a new chapter in life such as a new home, relationship, or job. It's also helpful if you need emotional healing or have been around illness.
What does it smell like? The scent is strong + earthy + herbal. 
The name literally means “holy wood” because it purifies energy and restores positive vibrations. It enhances creativity, brings love, protection, good fortune and tranquility. (sign us up immediately) Use it when you’re feeling stressed and looking for balance. It’s also great for when you have a cold, headache or you’re feeling run-down because it calms the immune and nervous systems.
What does it smell like? The scent is a sweet blend of pine + citrus + sweet mint. 

smudging 101: 


Smudging may sound complicated, but is quite easy just follow the simple steps below. When in doubt, remember it's your practice, so there is no real right or wrong way. Just use your intuition! 
Grab Sage or Palo Santo, matches, a feather and a fire-safe container or abalone shell to catch any falling embers. (safety first) Before you light up, remember to open a window or door because the unwanted energy you are trying to clear needs a way to get out.
It's always best to smudge with an intention in mind so make sure you have one first. We also recommend saying an affirmation, prayer, or any combination of healing words. When ready, light the end of your smudge stick over the fire-safe container and allow it to burn for up to 20 seconds before gently blowing out any flames. (it’s only the smoke you want) Slowly walk around the place, person or object you want to cleanse with your smudge stick, directing the smoke around with a feather or your hand. If the smoke completely extinguishes, just relight. (it happens occasionally)
As you smudge, tell any unwelcome energy to leave through the open window or door. Make sure you focus on all high traffic areas in your home, corners and doorways. If you're smudging yourself, you can go from head to toe and front to back. (just do it safely) Objects can also be smudged with the smoke to rid them of unwanted influences.
Don't forget to invite positive energy in afterwards. Finish off by remembering the affirmation, prayer or intention you set at the start.
When done, fully extinguish your Sage or Palo Santo by gently pressing the lit end out in the fire-safe container. You can keep your smudge stick out on display or pack it up until you are ready to use it again.
We recommend smudging yourself or space at least once a week because even the happiest of people and homes accumulate negative vibrations over time. If you're having a really hectic week, do it more often!