Calm your worries and put your heart and mind at ease. 

Mookaite Jasper inspires you to be braver, confident, and optimistic about new experiences. It helps you achieve emotional balance and fills you with feelings of hope, joy, and excitement. If you're prone to feelings of loneliness or sadness this stone will help you shake it off and move on!

WORRY NOT | mookaite jasper

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    Reduces fear & worry

    Promotes stability

    Protective shield against negativity


    USE ME

    Self-Care: When you feel anxious or worried use me as a touchstone, repeat a positive affirmation to reset your mind.

    Life Changes: When life takes an unexpected turn or you have big decisions to make, carry me... I inspire confidence.

  • 1 Mookaite Jasper stone


    This product is 100% natural and will have slight color, size and shape variations. The item you receive will look similar but not exactly as shown.






    Range of red, yellow, orange, purple, cream, brown & grey.