Think happy thoughts, it’s that simple. Add an affirmation to your Palo Santo stick. Repeat it. Believe it. Manifest it.

Palo Santo purifies energy and raises positive vibrations. It enhances creativity, brings love, good fortune and tranquility. Use it when you’re feeling stressed and looking for balance. It’s also great for when you have a cold, headache or you’re feeling run-down because it calms the immune and nervous systems.



  • Palo Santo: Clear + Restore + Protect

    Scent: Pine + Citrus + Sweet Mint

  • 3”- 5” Palo Santo stick


    This product is 100% natural and will have slight color, size and shape variations. The item you receive will look similar but not exactly as shown.


    Affirmations are hand-stamped and burned into the wood, so there may be slight variations in the color and placement of letters.