Updated: Sep 10, 2018

Ahhhhh.....Meditation. Studies have shown the nervous system benefits from a meditative state, by lowering blood pressure, decreasing heart rate and releasing anxiety. Not only that, but it also promotes a more peaceful and focused sense of well-being, something we feel strongly should be an essential part of every day #selfcare. So... why is it sometimes so difficult? There are mornings we can easily surrender into a calm, relaxed state of mind. Other days, those pesky wandering thoughts and to-do lists give us quite the challenge.

Meditation, specifically for beginners, can be a bit difficult. Our first attempt at meditating was stressful. Continually asking ourselves if we were doing it correctly or if our inability to contain our thoughts was “normal.” We will be the first to tell you those images of being “one with the universe” had us feeling a little intimidated, which is why we wanted to share our favorite tips on how to bring the “OM” into your daily routine.

Step 1:

Find a place where you feel safe and are able to focus on yourself. This can be inside your home or outside with nature. Wherever your mind can settle and your body remain still and you won't be interrupted.

Step 2:

Understand your intention. What are you looking for? How are you feeling? Those two questions can help you identify your intention and offer your mind clarity. You don't need to repeat this in your meditation, or you can if find it helps you refocus if you get lost in your thoughts, just trust it will show up.

Step 3:

Sit in a comfortable position, allowing your body to feel at ease and relaxed. Close your eyes, allow your breath to remain in a natural state and and find a rhythm.

Step 4:

Bring your attention to your breath. Notice how your body is responding, moving with each inhale and exhale. Without control, yet aware of your body to breath movements. If your minds begins to drift within other thoughts simply bring it back to your breath.

And just like are meditating!

We recommend starting with five minutes of meditation each day for the first week. Increasing to 10 minutes daily for week two. From there create your own schedule. You may find you enjoy quiet, music or guided meditations and all are easily accessible through App’s or You-Tube and even group classes these days. If you get "stuck" or distracted, just remember there's no wrong way and everyday will be a little different, just keep at it!