Updated: Sep 10, 2018

So your new crystal has followed you home….now what? 

Once you have found your crystal (see our previous blog) it’s important to cleanse the stone before working with it and placing it in your home.  Crystals absorb energy so you want your new addition to be free of prior energy to better assist you and your energy.  In complete honesty here, there was a time when we stored two crystals for several years and when brought out of hiding, we couldn’t understand why the energy seemed heavy and blocked.  Then it hit us over the head, we needed to cleanse those crystals in order to give them a fresh start.  How do I “cleanse” a crystal, you ask?  It’s actually much less complicated than it may sound.  There are several methods to clear a stone, however we’re going to be talking about our two favorites!

Smudge it!

Your first step is to invest in a White Sage bundle or Palo Santo stick so you can have it handy before your crystal is ushered through your doorway.  Begin by setting your intention to clear and release all energy from your crystal, with gratitude.  Light the Sage or Palo Santo and allow the flame to diffuse.  For this cleansing (also known as smudging), you want to allow the stone to be surrounded by smoke for approximately 30 seconds.  We like to move our bundle or stick in a clockwise motion softly around the crystal while silently (you may also say this outlaid) stating a prayer of gratitude.  That’s it, your stone is ready to be placed in your home!

By the Light of the Moon!

Each month we experience a Full Moon and find it a perfect way of remembering to cleanse our crystals.  Full Moons are known for releasing or clearing out the energies in our lives that no longer serve us and that are not for our best life.  On the night of a Full Moon, simply place your new #crystal (or any of your present crystals needing a “re-boot”) outside overnight to completely absorb the energizing and positive energy of the Moon.  Bring your stone into your home the next morning!  Voila, you are ready to display your crystal!

We recommend cleansing your stones and crystals once a month, or after use whether on yourself or others.  It’s a great way to feel all the positive vibes of each crystal to have it clear and ready for your next adventure!