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Self-care is an act of love. It’s not self-indulgent or a luxury, it’s a necessity! It's amazing what taking a moment to slow down and care for yourself can do to renew your sanity and refresh your soul.  We believe self-care can be done in many ways. It’s turning your home into a sanctuary, investing in good tea, or simply surrounding yourself with beautiful crystals. It’s lighting some palo santo before a meditation, or a face mask on a Friday night. There's no right way! Self-care is a sacred right we all deserve, not a privilege.
We deliver modern day self-care to a busy, often demanding,  sometimes confusing world. Our products help you channel your inner power, make positive changes, and possibly embrace a little more spirituality in your world. 
Call it self-care if you like; it's about living with a little more attention and intention. 
Cleaning isn't just for your closet. Smudging daily cleans your space and mind of unwanted energy so you can start to live more intentionally. We challenge you to spend 30 days incorporating this ritual into each day. Here's how it works: For the first 10 days, set an intention and spend five minutes smudging yourself or space. For days 11-20 add a positive affirmation to the end of your smudge. For the final 10 days, add five minutes to the end of your smudge to incorporate a meditation, prayer or simply reflect on what you want to invite into your life for the day. 
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willowJACK a lifestyle brand meant to inspire people to live their lives more intentionally at home, work and in play.


willowJACK was started as a way to make peoples lives better. We create beautiful products that evoke positive energy for your inner, outer and higher self. We believe in modern day self-care, a.k.a. unapologetically "securing your own oxygen mask first!" Our mission is to empower others to live their lives more intentionally at home, at work and in play.
The name willowJACK represents the feminine (willow) and masculine (JACK). It's inspired by the idea that beauty lies in contradictions, just as in life. Calm + Chaos. New + Old. Positive + Negative. It symbolizes the constant need to balance juxtapositions. 
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